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Sharp Concrete has been delivering professional, quality concrete services to our customers since 2005. Our attention to detail, experience, and competitive pricing make us the right fit for your next concrete project. We work with homeowners and local contractors, on projects large and small, to keep our work on schedule and within budget.


Contact us to discuss your concrete needs. An experienced member of our team will respond to schedule a complimentary site visit and project cost estimate.

"Solid Foundations, Endless Possibilities" is our motto and we stand by it. Sharp Concrete constructs solid concrete foundations that our customers use and enjoy for decades to come.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PSI?

PSI is the compressive strength of the concrete. The higher the PSI, the more durable the concrete will be. We recommend 3000psi and offer upgrades to 4000psi or higher depending on the application.

  • What are the dividers in the concrete called and what's their purpose?

Concrete is in a constant state of expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature, and in south Louisiana, we all know that can vary pretty drastically day to day. The dividers are typically called joints and come in two general varieties. Expansion and control. The expansion joints are spaced less often and their main purpose is to allow the concrete sufficient space to expand and contract without compromising the integrity of the concrete slab. Control joints are placed much closer together and their main responsibility is to provide small scale relief and/or control where cracking will occur. When placed correctly, these two types of joints help create a concrete slab that is structurally sound and cosmetically appealing.

  • What type of finish do I need?

We offer different types of finishes depending on your application and usage of the area. Most indoor concrete has a smooth, slick finish. This will accept flooring or can be later stained. Most exterior concrete will have a textured, broom finish that provides a non-slip surface. We also offer decorative finishes that are suitable for both the interior and exterior.

  • What decorative options do you offer?

Stamping is one of our most popular options. The wet concrete is textured with a design and a color can be added as well. The area is sealed and waterproofed. We also offer adding color into the concrete without doing a stamped texture. Other options we have are decorative cutting, both while the concrete is still wet, and after once it has hardened. These can be added to your existing concrete as well. We also offer wash gravel or exposed aggregate finishes.

  • I'm having difficulty choosing a color. What do you recommend?

Choosing a color can be a frustrating process. Typically your first instinct is to find a color that matches a certain area of your home or location. The issue is that there are so many factors that can change the way the color is perceived that we recommend choosing a color that is different or will be more of a contrast than a match. We find that color matching is almost impossible and a contrasting color generally yields a happier customer.

  • Repair or replacement? What do I need to know?

Let's imagine your concrete slab is like a rigid, non malleable piece of tile. When it's in one complete piece it is strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Now, if that tile or stone were to be dropped and it fragmented into pieces, those pieces would never have the same structural integrity as they did in their original form. You could glue them back together but their structural strength is no longer intact. The same is true with concrete. The term repair means to return to its original form, and in this case it's not possible. We also recommend replacing concrete that has major cracking or separation.

  •  How much does it cost per square foot?

Our team would love to give a flat cost per square foot, but each project and job site is unique. At Sharp Concrete, we only provide in person estimates due to multiple factors like elevation, drainage and grading, to name just a few. We want your project to turn out the best it possibly can, so we need to see the job site to make sure all variables are covered. This allows the Sharp Concrete team to give you an accurate estimate, with no surprise charges once we start on your project, all of the way to completion.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and checks. No cards are accepted at this time. We offer financing through Acorn Financial. See the bottom of the page for more information and/or to apply.

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